open mouth suckage

I'm not overly fond of the open-mouth tattoos and attachments.  I think the idea, in theory, is good, but the presentation itself just never looks quite right.  But of course, this didn't stop me from attempting a half-arsed image with one of those open-mouth attachments.....

And the closed-mouth version....

I'm really kind of annoyed with my computer atm... I would really have liked to have been able to use my drawing tablet for the edits on this image, but either my tablet is dying or my computer usb ports have some kind of issue and I feel far too crappy to do anything other than complain about it.

skin - pink fuel
hair - lelutka
outfit - maitreya
eyes - ikon
shape - qtpi
necklace - .:image:.


Daft Punk

I don't feel like making an actual post, so I'll just throw this out there



I've been a blue-eyed-blonde in sl for 7 years (minus a few brief spurts where I was a brunette).  I felt like it was time for a change...so here we go...RED + hazel eyes.  I like it.  It feels warmer.  I'll probably go back to blonde at some point but I'm really liking the brassier reds for now.

I love the new Ikon Promise eyes.  I bought almost every variety.  They have features you can mess with like glow... but that's far less interesting to me.  I'm way more excited about changing my eye size on the fly via hud... not that I couldn't just change system eyes before for the same thing, but this to me just feels more convenient.  Whatevs.

Hair - lelutka
skin - pink fuel
dress - Leri Miles Designs
shoes - hucci
mesh hands + feet - slink
necklace - maxi gossamer
eyes - ikon (available at fameshed this month)
location - pangloss