Wishful Thinking

So... Yes, it's winter... but I thought maybe my toes would warm up if I created a nice warm beachy image.

It didn't work...I'm still freezing my arse off.

skin - pink fuel
hair - dela
bikini - boom


Postcard Christmas

When boredom strikes, the destination guide is an sl-life-saver.  Saw "A Postcard Christmas" featured and thought why not?  When I tp'd in, I immediately thought of a newer Caverna Obscura outfit release...put everything together with a cute Diva hair and made my own christmas fun.

The sole purpose of this image is to give a full view of the outfit...personally I think it's beautiful.

 I love the little gazebo towards the left side of the image.

I adore the flowers in this hair and the wispy fly-away strands.

Wandering around, I came across this carousel....loved it.  It's almost creepy, especially in this semi-barren, icy, isolated setting.

outfit - Caverna Obscura
hair - D!va
skin - pink fuel
eyes - mayfly
piercing - puncture
lipgloss - Izzie's
shape - qtpi


Home Decorating - "these are a few of my favorite things"

I love the Arcade Gacha...I'm completely addicted.  I just can't help myself.

For years I've had a skybox with really nothing in it but a pose stand, because it suits my purposes.  I never have company over and it's not a real residence so what's the point in having furniture/decorations?  This year I decided to make the effort....even though it's pointless, simply because it makes me smile.  Yay me.  I also got a little festive, thanks to the Arcade.

The star and wreath way in the background, as well as the lantern just to the left of me, are all available at the Arcade; made by Trompe Loeil, which is one of my favorite places for furniture, amongst a select few others. One of my favorite pieces in this room is the potted apple blossom on the coffee table (Apple Fall).The couch + coffee table + music box to the left of the potted apple blossom are made by floorplan, which is another of my favorite builders (the music box is available at the Arcade Gacha).  The house/skybox is a Barnesworth Anubis creation.....which replaces my previous [ba] skybox...which replaced my floorplan skybox... seeing a pattern here?  

Skin - Pink Fuel
Hair - Dela
Boots - Hucci
Sweater - ISON
+ slink mesh hands

Got a group notice for this awesome friggin outfit @ monso.  Love it!  It was right up my costume-lovin alley.

skin - pink fuel
outfit + mask + sneakers - monso

One of the really major changes to my image style, over previous years, is that after taking 2 years of photography related classes (including advanced photoshop).... I don't friggin feel like editing my images.