Postcard Christmas

When boredom strikes, the destination guide is an sl-life-saver.  Saw "A Postcard Christmas" featured and thought why not?  When I tp'd in, I immediately thought of a newer Caverna Obscura outfit release...put everything together with a cute Diva hair and made my own christmas fun.

The sole purpose of this image is to give a full view of the outfit...personally I think it's beautiful.

 I love the little gazebo towards the left side of the image.

I adore the flowers in this hair and the wispy fly-away strands.

Wandering around, I came across this carousel....loved it.  It's almost creepy, especially in this semi-barren, icy, isolated setting.

outfit - Caverna Obscura
hair - D!va
skin - pink fuel
eyes - mayfly
piercing - puncture
lipgloss - Izzie's
shape - qtpi

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