My blog music player is full atm...was browsin...mostly Colbie stuff :P I really hadn't listened to much of her music...just that bubbly song...figured it was time i gave her a listen. Got a bunch of experimental piccies I finished with..was gonna upload em but...yeh..bleh drama...just not in the mood to atm. Mebbe later..dunno...mebbe I'll start over...try some themed setups instead. I'm in a creative funk.

EDIT: okayyyyyyyy too many imeem thingies and uhm..yeh..not good. BLOG LAGGGGGGG. Created an extra music playlist and slapped it under the main one, to the right. And removed a lot of the songs I posted here. Imeem players were crashing my firefox :/


http://www.metrolyrics.com/tell-him-lyrics-lauryn-hill.html (diff singer, but same song)





Scrap-bookin fer blogs???

Was checkin Willow's purty pics out and saw her scrapblog yummylicious piccy and just hadda play with it myself. What a blast. My results prolly aren't nearly as cute as I think they are, but idc, it was fun to do. Can't wait to play with that some more.

Bunnies and Bustiers

If you didn't pick up this free April fools day bunny from HPMD, you really missed out cuz it's friggin adorable. It's like bambi and thumper cuteness just sittin on ya shoulder. I love it. The flexi ribbon round it's neck is scripted color change...you just click it and the color magically changes. weeeeeee.
And a cute view of the little heart shaped spots on it.

Second...I TP'd to the bijou store...out to check out another outfit I'd seen blogged and came across this...This was by far my fav outfit there. I'm goin back in a few more days to do some more linden damage there. Lotta cute stuff. What I love about this place is that the outfits are pretty versatile. This one is called Mustang. There are 3 tops, 5 ways you can wear this in the shirt options alone...go with or without the fishnets, and with or without the prim attachment for the skirt. Without the prim attachment they are some pretty uhm..camel toe lookin shorts but meh...some people like that. Gotta love the hair too; I swear everywhere i go to shop there's a chick sportin this do atm.

Skin: Redgrave Chloe Smoky 4
Hair: Annyka @ Aden
Shoes: LC Vamp Melisande
Outfit: Mustang (white) @ Bijou
BUNNY: HPMD (April Fools gift)