Nali time warp

Ahhh....back in the noob days. Here's a lil comparison to show ya how far my avatar has come.


I wasn't happy with how this shoot turned out...I definately need some group pose balls :P

Lexandria Wedding

Some Images from The wedding yesterday. The images didn't turn out too bad, especially for it being only my second time shooting an SL wedding.

Kitty's Photoshoot

There ended up being 8 outfit changes, so this was one of the longer sessions. But it turned out well and Kitty was happy with all of the images. Yay.


Chelle's shoot

Great shoot tonight...fun atmosphere, lots of
laughter...and the shots really came out well.
After some photoshop fun this models portfolio
should look really good.

My favs are the ones with the red background...
The lighting was working really well.


Snap fun

just playin around...
Applied a light color tint to the side images...
painted some color in the background...
I kinda like it


yay..session 5 out of 6 done...1 more to go and then I can get down to work. Still gathering ideas for the poster in my head.


Finished shoot 4 out of 6 for the sigma epsilon chi sorority. When I get shoot 6 done I will put the final poster together. Here's one of the shots from today's session. Cropped and gave it a 10 second background to replace the ugly green screen.


Blogging Noob

I'm not quite sure what I want to do with this thing yet....so I'll just start with "Hi".