strange dead noob ritual...


just thought..i'd share a lil of what I've been up to lately....


New store coming to SL?

Got my comp back...still getting my programs set back up and transferring info over. Here's a preview of what goo and i have been workin on.


Super blehness multiplied by uber gehness multiplied by the size of my ass.

ya..that's major. Ok..so for those who don't know..lemme recap. I fried my motherboard. 7 capacitors on the board...5 ballooned out like tin cans filled with nasty gas...2 cracked open completely. What does that mean? *cries* Time to buy new shit. So....i go to the store...buy a new motherboard, a new cpu to fit the mobo and 2 sticks of 1 gb ddr2 ram (cuz my 4gbs of existing ram were ddr and..the new board doesn't take ddr..only ddr2. joy). Ok...so that was 600 dollars. Omg right? wait..it doesn't end there. I install all this crap..looking forward to getting back up and running..and no go. wtf is wrong?? So i break down and take this expensive pos into the shop...the mobo is bad. Bent pin under the cpu. No..i did not do that..it came like that. So..labor + mobo replacement + a clean and LEGAL install of windows vista..and im looking at another 600 dollars. Ok..when i take the bad mobo back to the store i got it from, i'll get 200 of that back. will bring my total from 1200 dollars down to 1k. joy. I'm looking into selling the old cpu, which is still perfect, an intel pentium 4, dual core lga 775 chipset. And I'm looking into selling the old ram, also still good..4 matching sticks of pc-3200 ddr 1 gb ram. I have a few ppl interested already, just gotta get them from interested to purchasing. Ugh. I'm sooo not happy right now. In the meantime i finally got my back up computer up and running today. So I'm running on an older 1.4 ghz system with 768 mb ram and a 64 mb nvidia graphics card. I'm really not very happy but...it could be worse and at least it's something. And.....there ya have it. *cries*


Nali Makeover

otayyyyyyy...so...I gave myself a slight..very slight makeover recently. I took those extreme lips down a notch...got kinda tired of bein uber silicone trout pout lips. They're still full..huge..yay...still me. Just..toned down a bit to look a lil more..natural?? Anyway...I think it's cute <3 for now. lol


New @ EXT - Sazzy

Satin flexi dress with lace overlay, with matching purse & shoes, available in 8 colors plus a massive fatpack.


Curiouser and curiouser!

By Fudge 1

Have you ever been lost inside a dream?

Living in a dark fantasy,

Following paths you’re sure you know

Memories seem so long ago…

And all this time the eyes still see–

the nose still smells, the mouth still breathes –

and yet you never stop to think

as into this world you sink,

that here is not where you belong:

the jarring note in a mad song.

That the creatures do not want you here

and will make you leave in fear.

That when you’re gone, there’s no return,

but with longing you will burn,

for a place of ice and sand,

A place that is called Wonderland…


NEW @ EXT - Cire

Colored shirt addons for the Cire outfit...tucked, and untucked versions...open and closed

NEW @ EXT - Fixation

1 shirt, 2 fishnet shrugs, pants, shorts, skirts, socks, prim bangles


2 new for the men @ EXT

Cire and Kiss My Irish... yummy male goodness...eat it up.

oooo you touched my tralala

just a cute vid I haven't watched in a while..to go with a song I recently added to my blog. yay

Video code provided by hotcode.mmosite.com

Newbie Makeover @ EXT

The first female winner of the EXT Newbie Makeover contest was chosen, in cooperation with Vitamin-Ci, Digital Dragon Designs, Body Perfect, Lucid, HCT, and EMJ, with photography by..ooo..me...and some help from the lovely Willow Zander and Keirsten Goode. Congrats to Nell Ireton. The results are in the following piccy's.


Vitamin-Ci St Patricks Day cuteness <3 <3 <3

New @ Vitamin Ci, Tankie St Patty...comes with tank, shorts, and socks. Available @ the vitamin-ci main store.
Purty piccy by Ciera Bergman :D


omg..a post without pictures. ya..shocking eh? Ok..so a lot of crap has been goin on and..most of it really good. Some of it just uber blah...eh sazzy? what u say? fuglyuberugmo. Ya...that about sums it up I think.

A person who used to be a really good friend of mine...someone i could laugh with and always talk to...won't even talk to me anymore, unless it's to say something kind of..well..offensive. And what do you do? I've tried to make it better...it won't get better. It's a shame really...cuz...i thought we had a pretty damn good friendship and it wasn't something I wanted to see whirling down that magical toilet hole. There was..kind of a time when I was angry with this person cuz...they did the same damn thing to me...and i can't say much without giving away who they are and what this is really about....but anyway, I swallowed it..let it go..and moved on. I never let this person know how much it bothered me. And here we are..shoes on the other foot...and...well...it's totally different. It could have been so different.

But..bleh..just bleh. It is what it is. It can't be changed...And even if it could be changed...I don't think anyone would want it to. We all make our own choices..some good and some not so good...but we make them given the information we have, or we think we have, and that's all we really can do...make the best decisions we can with what we have, try not to look back, and just be happy with what we have. Make sense? No? Didn't think so.

Been kinda busy with ads...getting old stuff redone....but not workin too hard. That's a plus. Ima miss teh feeky...but...im sure keirbear and miss lolly will keep me all loved up. Where's that tongue???
And.....and and and....that's all i really wanna say...as usual...aint got neffin else to say... *sighs*


Lucian Overlord makes some terrible shit

Convo between me and the creator of some really awful pose balls...don't buy that shit...really. they're bad.

[19:26] Nalirra Rosewood: i have a ton of your vamp lust pose balls...a large number of them are...twitchy? and..nothing lines up right...if you get the heads and necks aligned everything else is...out of whack
[19:30] Nalirra Rosewood: i don't mean to be rude...but these are the worst balls i've ever bought. they totally suck. and...you...might want to make money doing something else in sl...
[19:30] Lucian Overlord: ok exucse me sorry i was afk please dont sit here and insult me on my poses
[19:30] Lucian Overlord: one
[19:31] Nalirra Rosewood: hey...i paid money for this shit....and...they aren't worth anything...i can insult whatever i like
[19:31] Lucian Overlord: well tell you what that attidue will not get you any help from me so you have your self a good day
[19:32] Nalirra Rosewood: next time...make you ads match how bad the balls are so ppl don't buy this shit thinking it's actually good
[19:33] Lucian Overlord: tell you waht miss game art design student why dont you make better
[19:34] Nalirra Rosewood: i think i will. but yanno..im entitled to bitch...i contacted you about these months ago..and you didn't do shit about it. sorry..i don't really like wasting money. it's called customer service and standing behind your product...and...maybe..not putting out something that DOESN'T WORK


noob asshats

i keep loggin in and findin my studio a mess...noob asshats just can't leave stuff alone....


emo chicks suck :P lol

just a fav i thought i'd share...



Name:: hahaha! Nali...thats all yer ass gets.
Age:: old enough to know what i want...young enough to still get it
Height:: 5'2"
Weight:: haha...NOT
Right or left-handed:: left
Your heritage:: wtf...ok...ummm...english, french, italian, german, irish
What is your favorite game?: erm....sex? is that a game?
Favorite color:: pink
Least favorite color:: yellow
Do you like to drive fast?: eh...
Do you like thunderstorms?: not really...no
Do you eat the stems of broccoli?: yes :P
What was your first car?: ford escort...teal
Is the glass half full or half empty?: half full, of course!
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?: yup...and when i have the vibe out i just take my hands off it for a sec to type some more
What's under your bed?: omg...a mess...clothes...ermmm..pens...papers?
What are your favorite sports to watch?: sex?
Single biggest intense pain?: childbirth
The best places you have ever been?: my dreams....in the arms of my angel?
Hamburgers or hot dogs?: niether..ew....friggin cow and pig mixed up parts...but hamburger if i must choose
What's your favorite restaurant?: tgif
Favorite food?: chinese
Britney Spears is a skank--agree or disagree?: skank...who i would totally watch in a sex tape
What type of music do you dislike most?: elevator
Do you take illegal drugs?: nah uh...noop
Does someone have a crush on you?: i think so. lol
Do you really know all the words to the national anthem?: lol..no
Favorite drink?: lipton iced tea, original, sweetened
Favorite alcoholic drink?: jack daniels country cocktails...and long island iced teas...a toss up
Do you believe in love at first sight?: sometimes
What's your favorite animal?: kittens b4 they get all independant and bitchy..yea..i said it...cats are bitchy
What do you think about most?: usually...photoshop? i know..lame
Do you like to play in the rain?: play as in jump in puddles..no..play as in kissin in the rain up against a tree...YES
Are you a risk taker?: yea
How many people have you had sex with in '06?: 1
Have you ever been to jail?: neverrrrrr
How many states have you lived in?: 4
Hugs or kisses?: hugs
Who is your best friend?: like...best best??? ummm....*thinks* if i had to pick...just one person...would be...miss lolly
What do you sleep in?: neffin...can't stand clothes wrapped around me
Piercings? Tattoos?: piercings
Biggest pet peeve?: asshats
I have low tolerance for people who....: lie and cheat...and..ppl who are stoopid...i said sit on the ball..does that not make sense??!?!?!
Do you sleep with the TV on?: noop
Do you have a TV in your bedroom?: yes
Are you good at keeping secrets?: sometimes
How do you spell relief?: cuddles on the couch and a movie...no drama...peaceful...loving...followed by...ya...
Can you handle the truth?: yup
Current car?: corolla
Are you in love?: yes
Hair color?: auburn
What are you afraid of?: bees...spiders...heights
Last time you cried?: Feb 4, 07 :P
Favorite car?: dodge durango
Number of keys on your keyring?: like..a million
Favorite day of the week?: anyday...every day
Day or night?: night
Best advice you've ever received?: stop thinking so much
Favorite quote?: if it don't fit...force it
Favorite type of music?: rock
Your biggest weakness?: romantic gestures..yes..i can be a puddle of mush..sometimes
Biggest fear?: don't really have any
Are you close to your parents?: hell no
Do you swear?: i have a mouth like a sailor >.<
Favorite song at the moment?: Googoo Dolls - Iris
Read books?: eh..not really
Have a religion?: no
Vegetable you love/hate?: hate peas..hate spinach...hate onions..hate tomatoes..hate mushrooms..the list doesn't end
Worst habits?: self doubt
Do you like to watch porn?: i do!!! yes!


a lil laugh.....ew

Oh Em Gee :P

I left my very first voice messages...2 of em...been a busy girl oh yeah. So umm..yea..there are 2 special ppls out there..who are currently the ONLY ppl...with digital recordings of myyyyyy scary voice. haha. :P

new Bears cheer outfit @ EXT....sexah

And some fun shots later. yay


would ya like to take a surveyyyyyyyyyyy

lolly's fault...here goes

FIRST PET: that i can actually remember....a turtle named skittles
FIRST BIG TRIP: erm....i have no clue...
FIRST BEST FRIEND: no idea...i've met a lot of ppl...i cunt remember
FIRST BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND: some blonde kid named brad
FIRST CRUSH: erm...iunno...
FIRST CELEBRITY CRUSH: angelina jolie?
FIRST TIME OUT OF THE COUNTRY?: well...i haven't been out of the country...unless you count goin from a rural area to an urban area
FIRST JOB: job? what's that? receptionist for an architecture/engineering company


LAST CAR RIDE: last weekend
LAST TIME YOU CRIED?: last night
LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED: my super ex girlfriend
LAST FOOD YOU ATE: mandarine chicken
LAST ITEM BOUGHT: some reel movement poses in sl by luth brodie
LAST SHIRT WORN: a pullover hoodie sweatshirt
LAST PHONE CALL: my sons pediatrician
LAST TEXT MESSAGE: went to my husband..at least 6 months ago
LAST THING YOU TOUCHED: prior to the keyboard? my cellphone.
LAST WEDDING: my own...12/21/97
LAST TIME AT THE MALL: probably been a few years
LAST TIME YOU WERE EXCITED FOR SOMETHING: ummmmmm...ummmm...ummm...i was excited about the ext store opening...
LAST THING YOU DRANK: pepsi...i ran out of iced tea
LAST PERSON THAT BROKE YOUR HEART: it's...been a while...ummmmm. i plead the fifth


1) Are you single, taken or crushing?
taken..single..and crushing? does that work?

2) Are you happy with where you are?
idenno. i guess. things could be better, and could be worse.

3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast?
well...depends on the definition of fast. it takes me several months.

4)Have you ever had your heart broken?

6) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
if i was just dating them...likely not...but my husband..i'd beat the shit out of him and then think about it

7) Have you ever talked about marriage with another person?
aside from my husband..nope

8) Do you want kids?
no..already have some...

9) How many?

10) Would you consider adoption?

11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to tell you?
i guess just to be upfront and come right out like a dork and say it

12) Do you enjoy playing hard to get?
yup. i do

13) Do you want someone you can't have?
can i plead the fifth again?? I do..actually...can't have him...noop...badness

14) Do you believe love at first sight exists?
sure...but...there are so many kinds of love...im not agreeing to truly in deep love - at first sight. But..i can love yer body at first sight... :P

15) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
depends. I'm not the "anniversary of our first date, anniversary of our first kiss, anniversary of our first fight" type of person, and honestly..i forget my wedding anniversary every year...

16) Do you believe that you can change someone?
sure...but you change ppl the way mountains are formed, small bits and it takes ages to do it...so i guess..yeah..no. can't be done.

17) Do you have feelings for someone right now?
sure. lol

18) Do you still have feelings for an Ex?
sure...hate is totally a feeling.

19) Have you ever wished you could have someone but you couldn't?
noop...well...see #13. doh. but...bleh.

20) Would you ever consider getting engaged or married right after school?
haha Ima leave lolly's answer on this
Lollypop: LOL..ima leave willow's answer on this
Willow: Dude, I finished school YEARS ago.

21) Would you Marry any of your Ex's if they asked?
no..that's why they ex's...TO THE LEFT