The info reads:  A place where time stands still. Inspired by a mysterious phantom island in the North Atlantic, Frisland waits for photographers and explorers with wonderful hidden spots perfect for relaxing. Come over and enjoy Frisland!

So in the spirit of being less..lazy...I decided to check this place out and finally take some pictures, which I've been meaning to do for months and months but...yeah..lazy.


Open Mouth Redux - less suckage

I decided to give that open mouth stuff another go... This time I updated things in my inventory and even bought a couple more and took pictures of them all for a comparison.  The images are unprocessed to show what these teeth look like "out-of-the-box" without any special lighting or effects.
I tried 2 Illmatic attachments (even though the mp reviews weren't so great...seemingly unwarranted as well because I had no problems with the product), The PXL Open Mouth Pro Fatpack, The open mouth tattoo layers that came with my skin and a few others.  Here are the results, presented uniformly.

(click to enlarge)

I really feel like PXL open mouth pro was the clear winner here.... 
I liked the results and can see using these in the future (though for a picture, there's nothing wrong with the tattoo layer teeth on lips either)

PXL Open Mouth Pro V2.0

and it's cute addons (I like the piercing addon the best)

I mention that the Illmatic teeth didn't have the best reviews on the mp - mostly it seemed the few customers who took the time to review the items were angry at the creator's bad customer service, but they also hinted that they had problems with the product so I decided to give it a go myself.  I found, straight out of the box after unpacking, there were no problems.  It might be true that the creator is terrible at customer service, dunno, but you shouldn't need his help with these teeth. 

So YAY for me - I finally ended the cycle of suckage and found something I liked and the best part is it was already sitting in my inventory (shopaholic) for god only knows how long.