Super blehness multiplied by uber gehness multiplied by the size of my ass.

ya..that's major. Ok..so for those who don't know..lemme recap. I fried my motherboard. 7 capacitors on the board...5 ballooned out like tin cans filled with nasty gas...2 cracked open completely. What does that mean? *cries* Time to buy new shit. So....i go to the store...buy a new motherboard, a new cpu to fit the mobo and 2 sticks of 1 gb ddr2 ram (cuz my 4gbs of existing ram were ddr and..the new board doesn't take ddr..only ddr2. joy). Ok...so that was 600 dollars. Omg right? wait..it doesn't end there. I install all this crap..looking forward to getting back up and running..and no go. wtf is wrong?? So i break down and take this expensive pos into the shop...the mobo is bad. Bent pin under the cpu. No..i did not do that..it came like that. So..labor + mobo replacement + a clean and LEGAL install of windows vista..and im looking at another 600 dollars. Ok..when i take the bad mobo back to the store i got it from, i'll get 200 of that back. will bring my total from 1200 dollars down to 1k. joy. I'm looking into selling the old cpu, which is still perfect, an intel pentium 4, dual core lga 775 chipset. And I'm looking into selling the old ram, also still good..4 matching sticks of pc-3200 ddr 1 gb ram. I have a few ppl interested already, just gotta get them from interested to purchasing. Ugh. I'm sooo not happy right now. In the meantime i finally got my back up computer up and running today. So I'm running on an older 1.4 ghz system with 768 mb ram and a 64 mb nvidia graphics card. I'm really not very happy but...it could be worse and at least it's something. And.....there ya have it. *cries*


Nali Makeover

otayyyyyyy...so...I gave myself a slight..very slight makeover recently. I took those extreme lips down a notch...got kinda tired of bein uber silicone trout pout lips. They're still full..huge..yay...still me. Just..toned down a bit to look a lil more..natural?? Anyway...I think it's cute <3 for now. lol


New @ EXT - Sazzy

Satin flexi dress with lace overlay, with matching purse & shoes, available in 8 colors plus a massive fatpack.


Curiouser and curiouser!

By Fudge 1

Have you ever been lost inside a dream?

Living in a dark fantasy,

Following paths you’re sure you know

Memories seem so long ago…

And all this time the eyes still see–

the nose still smells, the mouth still breathes –

and yet you never stop to think

as into this world you sink,

that here is not where you belong:

the jarring note in a mad song.

That the creatures do not want you here

and will make you leave in fear.

That when you’re gone, there’s no return,

but with longing you will burn,

for a place of ice and sand,

A place that is called Wonderland…


NEW @ EXT - Cire

Colored shirt addons for the Cire outfit...tucked, and untucked versions...open and closed

NEW @ EXT - Fixation

1 shirt, 2 fishnet shrugs, pants, shorts, skirts, socks, prim bangles